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Mechanical processing

Our company has the full complex of equipment for mechanical processing of non-ferrous articles.

The mechanical processing shop includes 12 production lines. The total number of equipment equals 205 units.

Machining of the rods, circles, tubes ∅ up to 65 mm and a length up to 3000 mm in the automatic machines.

Machining of plastic parts. Thread rolling ∅ up to 10 mm.

Machining of castings from aluminum, zinc alloys ∅ up to 160 mm.

Mechanical treatment on horizontal and vertical CNC machining centers.


We are able to cast any non-ferrous articles in accordance to customer design.

The plant has a separated foundry shop with two sections: die casting and permanent-mould casting.

Compositions used in casting are: for die casting - 122, 7p, TSA41; for permanent-mould casting - 52.

Production capacity: 150 ton of casting per month.

Casting by injection molding from aluminum, zinc and other easily fusible alloys. Using machines with a cold horizontal pressing chamber, with closing force of 250 to 420 m/s, a mass from 0.050 kg to 6.0 kg.

Casting into metal permanent-mould of aluminum alloys on the chill casting machines with manual and hydraulic drive. The weight of castings from 0.050 kg to 6.0 kg.

Stamping production

Coiling of cylindrical, conical compression and extension springs from wire ∅ from 0.5 to 4.5 mm and a maximum outside ∅ up to 80 mm.

Resurfacing the ends of the coil spring with the wire diameter under 5 mm, diameter of the spring up to 80 mm, and up to 200 mm in height.

Cutting of tubes, rods, circles with a diameter from 28 to 300 mm on the band saw machine.

Production of stamped parts from sheet and tape material (operations - cutting, bending, stretching, etc.) at crank presses up to 100 ton.

Thermal treatment

Carbonitriding in the electric furnace. The maximum temperature 950C. Power 63 kW. Capacity of the furnace 150 kg/hour. The size of furnace working space ∅ 600x600 mm.

Cementation. Annealing. Normalization in electric furnaces. The size of furnace working space ∅ 600 x1200 mm and ∅ 450x900. The maximum temperature 950C. Power from 75 to 105 kW. Capacity of the furnace from 220 to 500 kg/hour.

Hardening in electric furnaces. Workspace furnace 650x1200x400 mm. The maximum temperature 1000C. Capacity of the furnace 350 kg/hour. The furnace power 72 kW.

Shot blasting. Basket size is 250x150 mm and 250x200 mm.


Chemical oxidation of details from aluminum alloys. The line capacity - 45 m2/h. Dimensions of the bath: 1200x900x950 mm. Size of the cart: 800x500x500

Dip galvanizing line. The line capacity -15 m2 /h. The size suspension 400x100x900mm

Galvanizing of steel parts in the drum line. The line capacity 15 m2/h. Loading of the drum - max 20 kg.

Etching of steel parts. Dimensions of the basket 1140x300x400 mm. The line capacity - 10 m2/h.

Nickel-plated of steel parts. The drum line. The line capacity - 0.4 m2/h. Dimensions of the bath 1000x800x900 mm

Fixed bath galvanizing. Dimensions 1100x800x1000 mm. The line capacity - 1 m2/h.

Galvanizing with colorless passivation. The line capacity - 15 m2/h. Drum - 20 kg. Chrome plating baths: 1000x650x1000 mm.

Bath application of zinc-nickel alloy. The maximum load - 15 kg. The line capacity - 0.5 m2/hr.

Tin-plating of steel parts. The line capacity - 0.5 m2/h. Dimensions of the bath 600x500x800 mm.

Electropolishing of stainless steel. Bath 600x500x800 mm. The line capacity - 2 m2/hour.

Galvanizing bath. Maximum load - 10 kg.

Line impregnation details from aluminum alloys. Volume of the autoclave - 3,6 m3.

Line preparation of parts before impregnation. Dimensions baths 1500x700x1000mm.

Production of plastic products

Manufacturing of products from thermoplastic materials. Plasticizing temperature up to 350C. With the help of injection molding machines by injection molding. Also on the vertical injection semiautomatic. Locking force up to 1150 kN. The working volume is 125 sm.kub.

Production of rubber products

Manufacturing of rubber products by the shaped vulcanization process at the hydraulic presses with electric heating plates (plate size 350x300 mm).

Manufacturing of reinforced rubber goods.

The instrumental production

Production of molds: for molding under pressure of aluminum alloys for injection molding of plastics for the manufacture of rubber goods.

Production of stamps for cold stamping, lathe tools, drilling tools.

Manufacturing of of cutting tools: cutters, milling cutters, broaches, countersinks, reamers, drills.

Manufacturing of measuring tools: brackets, tubes, gauges.

Repair production

Welding works.

Manufacturing of metal structures and parts of parts.

Turning works of varying complexity.

Milling works.

Overhaul of machine tools (turning, milling, drilling group).

Repair of pneumatic equipment, analysis and recommendations for repair.

Current repairs of machine tools.

Design and development of products and constructions on an individual order

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